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Callsign     Freq.  Spot by          Grid/Comment              UTC Date    EA3AQR 28490.0 LU5DGN FF96VQ JN11BJ 1732 26 Sep
CX1DDO 28415.0 N4TUT GF15XD EL12 59+ ssb 1722 26 Sep
F4CXO 28480.0 CX6DZ JN26PP GF25AE HRD 53 QSB 1720 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7105.0 UN7CCK MN83KE 1717 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7105.0 RK3OC MN83KE KO91OJ 1716 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7105.0 UN8CL MN83KE MO44OV 1716 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7113.0 RW6HMF MN83KE LN05WE 1715 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7113.0 R6GB MN83KE LN15AF 1715 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7113.0 R6FBB MN83KE KO86MA 1714 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7141.0 UB6AJE MN83KE KN95NC 1714 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7141.0 RA6AKX MN83KE KN94 1713 26 Sep
UN6GTO 7141.0 UA6YT MN83KE JO21IB 1713 26 Sep
EA3AQR 21256.0 LU1JHD GF08WO JN11BJ 1709 26 Sep
F4CXO 28460.0 PY5QW JN26PP GG54FO 55/57 Tnx 73 1657 26 Sep
EA3AQR 21250.0 PY4ME GH91AD JN11BJ 1654 26 Sep
EA3AQR 21220.0 PY2ZZ GG66MM JN11BJ 1651 26 Sep
F1TXI 28074.0 CE4WJK IN96VK FF45 1649 26 Sep
F4CXO 28400.0 LW2DAF JN26PP GF05RK HRD 52 1648 26 Sep
EA3AQR 28460.0 PY5QW GG54FO JN11BJ 1648 26 Sep
EA3AQR 28400.0 LW2DAF GF05RK JN11BJ 1645 26 Sep
F1TXI 28074.0 CX4CD IN96VK GF15 1645 26 Sep
F1TXI 28074.0 PU7JDP IN96VK HI24 1644 26 Sep
EA3AQR 21285.0 PY2FZ GG57LP JN11BJ 1643 26 Sep
F4EFA 28430.0 PP5HA JN24BB GG52RJ 73 Luis 1638 26 Sep
CD7CKU 28074.0 EA3NW FE37EO JN11AI 1635 26 Sep
F4CXO 28430.0 PP5HA JN26PP GG52RJ HRD 52 QSB 1633 26 Sep
EA3AQR 21290.0 PY5QW GG54FO JN11BJ 1632 26 Sep
CD7CKU 28074.0 IW5EID FE37EO JN53DU 1631 26 Sep
CD7CKU 28074.0 9A2AA FE37EO JN83FM 1630 26 Sep
CD7CKU 28074.0 EA4DS FE37EO IN80EK 1627 26 Sep
CD7CKU 28074.0 EC5CSW FE37EO IM99SG 1624 26 Sep

CallsignFrequencySpot byGrid SquareCommentUTCDate

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Info / Rules     Русский  English

Dear Guest!

   This site has been developed to accommodate Amateur Radio operators from around the world

   By entering your contacts through the electronic interface, you can apply to receive MY WORLD AWARD! series of diplomas. This award program accepts confirmed contact made on HF bands by hams, beginning January 1, 1980. The program aims at popularizing communications from QTH-locators around the world

   QTH-locator is comprised of a sector – AA, large square – 00 and small square – aa. This program counts QSOs with correspondents located in separate sectors, and achieved rating is established based on sectors and large squares. The award covers 9 bands – 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 and 160 meters

   In order to promote ‘collecting’ large squares, this site features ON-LINE rating of the program participants. One can view world-wide Top 10 achievements. If you haven’t yet reached that plateau, enter your call and see where you are at the moment

   If we interested you in our award program – welcome!

   Please register by clicking Register new user

   Pay attention when entering your information. Your name and correct mailing address are essential for prompt delivery of your award. Once your entry is validated by the award manager (within 24 hours), you will gain full access to your electronic log database. Your log keeps track of confirmed unique sectors and large squares. QSO data may be entered manually (Add QSO) or we can import your ADI-format file (from your log, like DX4WIN, for example). Import by clicking Add QSO from ADI-file. ADI file should not exceed 5 mB, which is approximately 25,000 contacts. Be patient, processing of your log may take few minutes.

   Whenever new log is imported, program will take in only new data – unique sectors and squares. Sectors are displayed with full QSO data, but large squares – only as a sum of all credited squares. In the Summary info section, on the bottom, one’s achievements are presented. See what large squares you have been credited with. You can also remove wrong information or add new, using Add /Del buttons. Summary info also contains all available award levels. As you move along, OK! Tags would appear next to the awards that you have completed. By clicking on the Get it! link, you receive formatted text file. Print it, sign it, have it verified by two hams and mail it to the award manager to claim your award. Each award category features continent maps, showing your missing sectors (the ones you need to work). Ideally, when you worked everything, a full conquered continent outline will be visible!

   Best regards, Sergey, RM8M

   Award Program Manager

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