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Callsign     Freq.  Spot by          Grid/Comment              UTC Date    VK2KS 14200.0 VP6R QF45WH CG44 0425 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3573.8 W1PID FN03EK FN43 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0320 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3573.8 AA9YP FN03EK EN70 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0318 23 Oct
K9JU-@ 10131.0 D68CCC CHK UR CLOCK 0315 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3573.8 KC4IG FN03EK EM96 FT8 FT8 Sent: -1 0302 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3573.9 KD4FW FN03EK FM18 FT8 FT8 Sent: 0 0259 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3573.9 W9WN FN03EK EN71 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0252 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.0 KI4PSV FN03EK EM74 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0250 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.0 N5VGK FN03EK EM54 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0248 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.0 K4BEN FN03EK FM18 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0244 23 Oct
K6YYL 28400.0 WB7VUF DM14DC CN82OG 57 into souther 0234 23 Oct
PV8ABC 1840.0 HI3T TNX QSO FJ92PT 0212 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.7 W4DAF FN03EK EM88 FT8 FT8 Sent: -1 0209 23 Oct
K6YYL 28420.0 KJ7FAT DM14DC 57 into southern Cali 0208 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.7 WD8ANZ FN03EK EN80 FT8 FT8 Sent: -1 0206 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.7 KA5BJC FN03EK FN31 FT8 FT8 Sent: -1 0202 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.7 N4KM FN03EK EL98 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0159 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.7 KX4EZ FN03EK EM90 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0156 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.3 NB2K FN03EK EM86 FT8 FT8 Sent: -1 0123 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.4 W8EH FN03EK EM79 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0120 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.5 N4CLY FN03EK EM95 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0117 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.5 KB3QFC FN03EK FN20 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0115 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.5 VE3QO FN03EK FN25 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0113 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.5 WD9HSY FN03EK EN61 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0109 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.5 W4HWD FN03EK EM85QI FT8 FT8 Sent: 0108 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.5 N7IVV FN03EK FM18 FT8 FT8 Sent: -0 0059 23 Oct
VA3EBM 3574.5 WD1Z FN03EK EM77 FT8 FT8 Sent: 0 0052 23 Oct
K4MY 1840.0 HI3T EM74RE FK49TL 0050 23 Oct
K6YYL 14230.0 VE6KDX DM14DC DO34UV 58 into s. Cali 0042 23 Oct
K6YYL 14230.0 KH6QU DM14DC 56 into southern Cali 0027 23 Oct

CallsignFrequencySpot byGrid SquareCommentUTCDate

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Dear Guest!

   This site has been developed to accommodate Amateur Radio operators from around the world

   By entering your contacts through the electronic interface, you can apply to receive MY WORLD AWARD! series of diplomas. This award program accepts confirmed contact made on HF bands by hams, beginning January 1, 1980. The program aims at popularizing communications from QTH-locators around the world

   QTH-locator is comprised of a sector – AA, large square – 00 and small square – aa. This program counts QSOs with correspondents located in separate sectors, and achieved rating is established based on sectors and large squares. The award covers 9 bands – 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 and 160 meters

   In order to promote ‘collecting’ large squares, this site features ON-LINE rating of the program participants. One can view world-wide Top 10 achievements. If you haven’t yet reached that plateau, enter your call and see where you are at the moment

   If we interested you in our award program – welcome!

   Please register by clicking Register new user

   Pay attention when entering your information. Your name and correct mailing address are essential for prompt delivery of your award. Once your entry is validated by the award manager (within 24 hours), you will gain full access to your electronic log database. Your log keeps track of confirmed unique sectors and large squares. QSO data may be entered manually (Add QSO) or we can import your ADI-format file (from your log, like DX4WIN, for example). Import by clicking Add QSO from ADI-file. ADI file should not exceed 5 mB, which is approximately 25,000 contacts. Be patient, processing of your log may take few minutes.

   Whenever new log is imported, program will take in only new data – unique sectors and squares. Sectors are displayed with full QSO data, but large squares – only as a sum of all credited squares. In the Summary info section, on the bottom, one’s achievements are presented. See what large squares you have been credited with. You can also remove wrong information or add new, using Add /Del buttons. Summary info also contains all available award levels. As you move along, OK! Tags would appear next to the awards that you have completed. By clicking on the Get it! link, you receive formatted text file. Print it, sign it, have it verified by two hams and mail it to the award manager to claim your award. Each award category features continent maps, showing your missing sectors (the ones you need to work). Ideally, when you worked everything, a full conquered continent outline will be visible!

   Best regards, Sergey, RM8M

   Award Program Manager

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